Alternative Theories

This area is devoted to the explanations for the mass bird and fish deaths that range from the on-the-fringe to outright
conspiracy theories.

• HAARP – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

Video discussing the suspected link between HAARP and the mass animal deaths.

• New Madrid Fault Line

• Magnetic Pole Shift

• Scalar Weapons

• UFOs / Aliens

• Biological Weapons

• Genetic Modification Issures

• ChemTrails

• Poisonous Gas

• Electronic Harassment

• Signs of End Times (TEOTWAWKI)

One Response to Alternative Theories

  1. richardbevans says:

    not totally certain, but my intuitive investigation suggests, as we are not totally clear how birds navigate, home-ing pidgeons, for example, normally have no problem with fog etc, but the recent mass tragedy over the coasts of England could be due to ‘jamming’ or distortion in some way of the magnetic wave lengths that are used by the birds for their navigation>
    My question is,” has such an event been recorded in the past, before the advent of so many satelites that are used these days , of a vast number of deaths of seemingly disorientated migrating bird”??
    Some reports of birds having to leave Scandinavian feeding grounds hungry, before starting their migration south. Can these reports be confirmed???

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