April 2012

04/30/2012 Mobile, Alabama • Mobile Bay bull redfish die-off not cause for concern — yet

04/30/2012 New Zealand • Muttonbirds affected by Fukushima – researcher

04/28/2012 Lima, Peru • Are more than 1,200 dead pelicans

04/27/2012 Lake Elsinore, California • Thousands Of Shad Dead On Lake Elsinore

04/26/2012 Thailand • Thousands Of Open-Billed Storks Have Died Mysteriously

04/25/2012 Dayton, Ohio • 11,000 fish deaths a mystery

04/25/2012 China • ‘River pigs’ face extinction

04/25/2012 India • Dead dolphin washes ashore at Bandra Bandstand

04/24/2012 Strongsville, Ohio • Possible chemical spill may be to blame for thousands of dead fish in Rocky River

04/22/2012 Karachi, Pakistan • Fish sale goes down after reports of marine pollution

04/19/2012 Karachi, Pakistan • Dead fish in Pakistan lake raise fears over drinking water

04/17/2012 Knoxville, Tennessee • TWRA: Runoff from mulch fire kills all life in nearby creek

04/17/2012 Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve, Cape Town, South Africa • No end to big fish die-off in Zandvlei

04/17/2012 India • Several thousand fishes died in a river near the Indo-Bangladesh border

04/17/2012 Hazira, India • Pond at Hazira full of dead fish

04/13/2012 Santa Clarita, California • Bee bodies bring local befuddlement

04/13/2012 Durban, South Africa • Dead fish litter ocean floor

04/11/2012 Lima, Peru • 300 more dead dolphins found in northern Peru

04/10/2012 Columbia, Missouri • Estimate of fish killed at Flat Branch increases to 14,000

04/09/2012 India • Thousands of dead fish found floating in lake

04/09/2012 Raigad, India • Another dead whale, now at Raigad

04/06/2012 India • Over 50 dead turtles wash up along coast

04/06/2012 Malaysia • Dead fishes a concern

04/05/2012 Shukratal, India • Dead fish found floating in river at Shukratal

04/04/2012 Peru • 615 dead dolphins found on Peru beaches; acoustic tests for oil to blame?

04/04/2012 Australia • Dead catfish at Boyne River Mouth

04/03/2012 Gulf of Mexico • Thousands of Dolphins Dying in Gulf Waters

04/01/2012 Egypt • Dying cattle costly for Egyptian farmers

04/01/2012 Lambayeque, Peru • Over 3 thousand dead dolphins found on beaches in northern Peru

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