February 2011

02/25/2011 Gulf Coast dolphin death toll rises to nearly 60

02/21/2011 107 Stranded Whales Die on Stewart Island

02/20/2011 16 Swan Deaths in Six Weeks at Stratford-upon-Avon

02/19/2011 Ukraine • 200 Mass Deaths of Blackbirds Reported in Ukraine

02/18/2011 Dead and Sick Geese Found in Ohio

02/16/2011 Mass Fish Deaths in Northern Turkey

02/15/2011 Mysterious Deaths of Carp in Lincolnshire England

02/14/2011 20,000 Bees Died Within 48 Hours in Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto

02/13/2011 Increasing Peacock Deaths in Pakistan

02/12/2011 Two Racehorses Die Mysteriously at Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire, England

02/11/2011 200 Tree Swallows Die in Lake Charles Louisiana

02/10/2011 Mystery Bird Deaths in New Zealand

02/08/2011 Sebastian FL • Millions of Dead Fish Found at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Florida

02/07/2011 Ft. Lauderdale FL • Man-of-war continue to wash up on beaches

02/06/2011 Solon OH • Shadow Lake in Cleveland Metroparks closed until further notice

02/03/2011 Aquidauana Brazil • Thousands of dead fish in the Pantanal

02/01/2011 Geneva Switzerland • Geneva pigeons falling from the sky

02/01/2011 India • Mystery illness claims lives of 50 peacocks

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