March 2012

03/30/2012 McAllen, Texas • Hundreds of birds killed during McAllen hail storm

03/20/2012 Singapore • Thousands of dead fish seen at Pasir Ris riverbank

03/17/2012 East China • Four Beached Whales Dead in East China

03/13/2012 Malaysia • 5,000 fish dead in Likas lake

03/12/2012 South Africa • Newcastle Disease Outbreak Kills 170 Chickens

03/09/2012 Orlando, Florida • Report: Dead birds found on UCF campus

03/08/2012 Port Aransas, Texas • Dolphins Washing Up Along Texas Coast

03/04/2012 Cape Breton, Australia • Dead seals no reason for alarm, says Department of Fisheries and Oceans

03/05/2012 Perth, Australia • Grim reaper cuts swathes through the Little Penguins of Perth

03/02/2012 South Padre Island, Texas • Thousands of Portuguese Man-of-war wash up on South Padre Island, Texas

03/01/2012 Cyprus • Fish die due to changing temperatures

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