May 2012

05/14/2012 Igatpuri, Maharashtra, India • Hundreds of fish found dead in reservoir; health hazard ruled out

05/13/2012 River Perivar, Pathalam belt, India • More fish deaths in Periyar

05/12/2012 Eichbaum lake, Hamburg, Germany • Swimmer wee ‘killing off fish’ in popular lake

05/12/2012 Cartagena, Chile • 2,300 birds found dead along Chilean beaches

05/10/2012 Lima, Peru • Peru says 5,000 birds, nearly 900 dolphins dead

05/10/2012 Nordland, Norway • Dead Fish Sparks Toxic Algae Suspicion

05/10/2012 Lake Simcoe, Canada • Dead fish washing up on Lake Simcoe’s shores

05/07/2012 River Perivar, Pathalam belt, India • River Periyar turns toxic for fish; more deaths near Pathalam belt

05/07/2012 Kuwait • Kuwait authorities investigating suspected ‘fish kill’

05/07/2012 Lima, Peru • Keep off beaches, Peru warns after pelican deaths

05/06/2012 East Longmeadow, Massachusetts • Hundreds of dead fish floating in Heritage Park pond

05/04/2012 Muttar River, India • Fish-kill in Muttar triggers panic

05/04/2012 Rio de Palmones, Spain • Dead Fish Story

05/03/2012 Perryville, Arkansas • About 150 fish found dead in Arkansas lake

05/03/2012 Houston, Texas • Dead fish litter shores of Lake Houston

05/02/2012 Western Turkey • Dead fish cause panic in Western Turkey

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