Redondo Beach CA – Millions of Dead Sardines Wash Up in Marina

Millions of sardines washed up dead in Redondo Beach, California. It is believed that the fish died from lack of oxygen, as there was no evidence of oil or toxic chemicals in the water. It is further speculated that the fish swam into the harbor to avoid a red tide, which is a naturally occurring rapid accumulation of algae lethal to fish.

Lab tests revealed the fish tested positive for domoic acid, a powerful nerve toxin. One scientist speculated that toxins were released from underground, a harbinger for the Japan earthquake. Marine biologists believe that the domoic acid is a naturally occurring toxin that comes from an algae bloom.

In Redondo Beach, dead fish, perhaps millions of them, collect in King Harbor
Fish suffocate, die in Redondo Beach marina
Dead Fish in Redondo Beach: Is the Mystery at the King Harbor Marina Solved?
Dead fish = earthquake predictor?
Toxin May Have Contributed to Sardine Die-Off

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