• Radiation effects from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster


• Contaminated Water

Water polluted by chemicals, poisons, drugs, excessive manure, agricultural
pesticides, oil spills, etc. cause a significant portion of fish and sea life
kills. The long-term consequences of the Gulf Oil Spill and subsequent use of
the chemical dispersant Corexit are yet to be determined.

• Low Dissolved Oxygen

When oxygen levels are too low in the water, fish are unable to survive.

• Abnormally Extreme Water Temperatures

• Virus / Disease / Parasites

• Environmental Stress


• Intentional Poisoning

• Fireworks

• Aircraft Noise and Sonic Booms

• Extreme Cold Weather

• Power Lines

• Strong Winds / Tornados, Lightning, High-Altitude Hail

• Virus / Disease / Parasites

One Response to Theories

  1. Philippino Bob says:

    This will never be investigated.
    Telling us the truth would be too “inconvenient”.
    You see, we are not capable to “handle it”.

    My take on this issue:
    Diminishing planetary magnetic field combined with migrating magnetic North (and South) poles is creating the invisible magnetic havoc. Animals being very sensitive creatures are the first to be affected, they get disoriented and wash up on the beach the same way as birds stop flying and crash on the ground.
    Soon, in a few years from today, say in 2017 and on-wards, it will be our turn.
    Can you handle the truth? This is the truth!

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