Thousands of Starfish Wash Ashore in South Carolina

Starfish on South Carolina beachRough weather has been blamed for the appearance of thousands of starfish on the beaches of South Carolina. High winds on Monday night generated high waves which dislodged the starfish from the rocks that they cling to. The starfish on Pawleys Island were stacked on top of each other and although most were dead, some were still alive.

In December, hundreds of starfish and jellyfish washed up on the beaches of Charleston. Their deaths were attributed to cold weather.

South Carolina beach visitors seeing stars
Starfish, jellyfish dying from cold

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One Response to Thousands of Starfish Wash Ashore in South Carolina

  1. Dave says:

    I live in Charleston, I grew up on the water. I have noticed this for the last several years always with-in a week of New Years they wash up. We have a cold snap that the end of OCT -beginning of Nov ( LOL when the fair comes to town) So I do think it’s the cold weather. Now at new years massive amounts of starfish die and wash ashore

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